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Mt. Etna
Mt. Etna


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30 Beautiful shadow photography

April 12th 2012

The blog Great Inspire included my photo titled "Baby do not open that door" in the 30 beautiful shadow photos list.






Milan - Corso Como

14th February 2012


Milan - Corso Como


I dedicated four images to the Milan's Corso Como street.









These images show the typical Lombard buildings through the reflection of a fountain as if they had been reproduced with impressionistic techniques.






Alluvione nel messinese del 2009
Giampilieri - Two years after

24th January 2012



Giampilieri - Two years after



I published a new project; this is my first reportage's aim to document what happened in October 2009 in Giampilieri and neighboring sicilians municipalities: 37 victims, more than seventy wounded and about 400 evacuees due to a storm that caused landslides.






Nominee 5th Masters Cup Photography
5th Masters Cup Photography

03th November 2011


Shadows reborn


My image "Baby do not open that door", of the Shadows reborn project, was being a Nominee at the 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup in Fine Art section






Kid drawings - Madame with umbrella
Kid drawings - Madame with umbrella

18th May 2011


Kid drawings


The photo "Madame with umbrella", of the Kid drawings project, was selected in the "Il fotografo" magazine of April 2011 for the contest "Pioggia sui vetri (Raindrops over windows)" 



Red leaves
Red leaves

06th March 2011


25th Photo Contest "L'autodromo di Monza ed il suo parco"

Honorable mention to my  photo "Red leaves"




Shadows reborn - My shadow
Shadows reborn - My shadow

11th January 2011

My image "Shadows reborn - My shadow" is among the commended images for the Professional Photographer of the year 2010 awards http://professionalphotographer.co.uk/

This photo has been printed in the January issue of Professional Photographer and is in shops now.



Writing my name on a tree
Writing my name on a tree

06th December 2010

I'm one of the two runners-up of BODAK's Colour project: http://bodak.co.uk/ with this photo taken at the Park of Monza where I wanted to show the typical rich yellow range that you can find during the autumn in the park.

As a reward, I won a online BODAK Gallery for my photos.

22th November 2010

I collected some photos of people portrayed from behind with the intent to show  a moment of their lives and observe them inside their contexts, inside their personal landscapes.


Gallery "Personal landscapes"

From behind - Evolution
From behind - Evolution



8th October 2010

My photo "Please do not close that door" of the project Shadows reborn it was chosen as Photo of the day by the group ARTfreelance


ARTfreelance selections

Please do not close that door
Please do not close that door



8th September 2010

In the south-east of Sicily many species are coltivated inside greenhouses; the most famous of them is the cherry tomato "pachino".

These greenhouses are really suggestive, they cover many hectares and often they are installed approaching the beach.


Gallery "The greenhouse effect"


The greenhouse effect - Shapes
The greenhouse effect - Shapes



24th August 2010

After visited many abandoned houses in Sicily, I had the idea to bring my wife and my daughters inside few of them and take some photos of them and their shadows on the walls of these buildings at the sunset.

It was like reviving those old places...


Gallery "Shadows reborn"


Shadows reborn - Meeting point
Shadows reborn - Meeting point



12th July 2010

I added a new gallery  "Dance with me" dedicated to my cute dancer daughter Paolina.


29th June 2010

I added few photos of the Villa Reale in Monza during the fireworks show celebration for the patron saint, San Giovanni (Saint John) on June 24.


26th May 2010

Added two new photos in the gallery "A day in the countryside", one with the moon and many spiny plants and another which subject is a lovely butterfly.


Casale fiorentino
Casale fiorentino



19th May 2010

Created the new gallery "All the small things", I put there some photos taken in a beach in Sicily and my subject was a little toy car "stolen" to my daughter Paola :-D


17th May 2010

Posted "Clock without hands" in the gallery "The black of night"


28th April 2010: Website is ON

Published my new website, taking advantages of the Jimdo services

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