Effetto serra (The greenhouse effect)

Have you ever been inside a greenhouse on a cold winter day?


Greenhouses in Sicily cover about 8,500 hectares of land and they are concentrated in the south-east of the island.

The transparent walls and roof of these sicilian greenhouses are made of plastic instead of glass, the internal structure is metallic but it isn't unusual to still find here wood greenhouses.

Many species are grown in these greenhouses: melons, watermelons, tomatoes (the famous cherry tomato "ciliegino"), peppers, aubergines and cucumbers.

Have you ever been inside a greenhouse on a cold winter day?
It might be cold outside, but inside the greenhouse lush green plants flourish in the warmth: incoming solar radiation from the sun are absorbed inside the buildings but the longer wavelenghts from the heated objects are unable to pass throught that medium, heating up the plants and the soil.

Our planet's atmosphere traps energy just like a greenhouse. Energy from the Sun can enter the Earth’s atmosphere, but not all of it can easily find its way out again. Unfortunately the increased greenhouse effect is causing changes in our planet that can affect our lives.

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